Current Projects

Presumed Consent Organ Donation

Manitoba currently has an “express consent” or “opt-in” system of organ donation. In light of legislative changes in other Canadian jurisdictions, the Commission is considering: If Manitoba were to amend The Human Tissue Gift Act to implement a system of presumed consent organ donation, how should it amend this legislation?

Elder Abuse Project

The Commission is commencing a large-scale review of Manitoba’s laws relating to abuse and neglect of older adults. Specifically, the Commission will consider the legal definitions and construction of elder abuse and neglect in Manitoba’s statutes and determine if the law should be amended to reflect current understandings of the abuse and neglect of older persons.

Law of Partition and Sale

Partition and sale are equitable remedies available to co-owners of land who want to but cannot agree on how to terminate their co-ownership. The provisions of The Law of Property Act addressing partition and sale remain essentially as enacted in earlier legislation in 1878. The Commission considers it timely for consideration to be given to if and how Manitoba’s legislation could be improved.